Non-Game Activities for Wedding Showers

Bridal Shower Craft Activities

Looking for a "non-game" activity for your party that your guests will love and will make you hostess of the year? We have some great craft activities that are not only fun, but heartfelt, funny, and even a bit whimsical. Check out the Activities and Crafts now!

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Choose a Bridal Shower Game Printable

Printable Bridal Shower Games

"Bridal Shower Gift Bingo", "Who Knows the Bride Trivia", how about a quick game of "What's in Your Purse?" We have free versions of some of your favorite printable games perfect for any theme. Fun & Easy games that you just click, print, and play! Start printing now!

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Co-ed “Find Your Groom”

Co-ed “Find Your Groom”

How well do you think the Bride can find her Groom? What about if she is blindfolded?… And what about if it’s just his knees? Here is a game couples can play at the wedding shower. The perfect “hands on” ... View the Full Game »

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Wedding Taboo Game & Cards

Take the classic game of “Taboo” and put a bridal spin on it and you have a fun, and funny, game of “Wedding Taboo” perfect for your bridal shower. In this game, what you don’t say is just as important ... View the Full Game »

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Wedding Shower Games

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At we understand that while Bridal showers are celebrations of love and commitment shared by family and friends of the bride, wedding shower planning can be a big responsibility. Often times the brides friends, family and future in-laws will be strangers. We created this resource of free bridal shower games to help! The right wedding shower activities will create an atmosphere of joy and sisterhood, helping to strengthen bonds with friends and family while forging new bond. So don't worry! We have everything you need to create a fun bridal shower. Just sit back, relax and play your way to a successful party!