Printable Bride & Groom “Know Each Other” Game

($$$) This is a FREE wedding shower game

How well do you know the Bride and Groom? How many questions do you think the Bride and Groom will match answers for? This game is a lot of fun, and focuses on both the Bride and Groom, so it’s great for a co-ed bridal shower, too.


Download the game template, then print out one “Bride’s Answers” game sheet, one “Groom’s Answers” game sheet, and one basic game sheet for each guest. Before the bridal shower the groom is asked to fill out the “Groom’s answers” game sheet with a series of questions about the bride and their relationship (You can do this one the phone the day of if it’s last minute). The bride, at the shower, is asked to fill out the “Bride’s Answers” game sheet with the same questions.

During the bridal shower give the “Bride’s Answers” sheet to the bride, and pass out one basic game sheet to each guest with a pen or pencil. Each guest will be given a chance to guess how many answers the “Bride and Groom” will match on, as well as answer the questions themselves. At the end have the bride read her answers, while the hostess reads the groom’s answer sheet to see if they match. You will be surprised at which answers might match or not!

While the bride is reading her answers have your guests check their answers against the bride’s (The bride is always right!) and see how many they got correct. For fun, at the end have some of the guests read their wrong answers to the group, that usually brings some very humorous remarks!

The person with the most correct answers wins, as well as the person who guesses the closet number of Bride and Groom matched answers.

3 game sheet are on the printable, 1 for the groom, 1 for the bride, and 1 for the guests. Just print “page 1 only” as many times as you need for as many guests as you have.

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