Naughty Bridal Bingo Charades


  • Bingo cards
  • Paper
  • Pens to mark bingo
  • This can be big laughs for your guests, as long as you have a easy going bride-to-be. It’s a perfect game for a “girlfriends only” shower as it can get very naugty!


    Another variation of the classic charades game combined with the popular bridal bingo. Make bingo cards with risque words like “oral”, “tongue”, “blow” – depending on how far you want to take things. Write the words on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Give each guest a bingo card then ask the bride to pick a slip of paper from the bowl and enact the words instead of calling them out. Have the guests try to guess the words, once the correct word is called out have the players cross the word off their bingo card.

    The first person to get a bingo wins, but of course, nobody needs to complete her bingo card or win; the idea is to get the bride to go through the entire list of words. Just make sure the bride is open to this type of fun, as it can be very embarassing for some.