The Chef’s Apron


  • Apron
  • Assorted kitchen utensils
  • Paper & Pens
  • If your bride love to cook, or for a new couple just starting out, basic kitchen utensils can be a wonderous thing. If you choose to make this game a gift, too, this is a great way to get your bride (and groom!) a head start on their home cooking. This game is also a great ice break since it gives time for your guests and the bride to mingle and chat.


    Buy a nice apron and pin as many kitchen related utensils and things on it that you can. You can buy new kitchen items or use borrowed items, you will just want a nice selection of items like ladel, strainer, measuring spoons, dish towels, etc.

    When the bride arrives ask her to wear the apron and walk around the room for a couple of minutes, this is a nice time to have guests mingle and talk.

    After a 10 minutes or so send the bride to another room to remove the apron (she can come back so as not to miss the fun!) and give your guests paper and pens. Ask the guests to write down as many things as they can remember seeing on the bride. The player who remembers the most number of things wins. You will be surprised how many people can’t remember what they saw on the apron even after talking to the bride for a while.

    If you choose to buy a new apron and new utensils to pin on the apron, this makes a great bridal shower gift for for the bride, too.