The Worst Chore?


  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Part of the fun at bridal showers lies in playing gags on each other. Of course all the gags are played in the spirit of the shower and in jest. This games generally work well for any age group, just make sure your guests will not be offended. You will be surprised how often even Grandma will be laughing and getting in on the comments!


    This one can get really funny, but some maybe offended so be sure to consider if this is too risque for your guests. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen. Ask them to write the one household chore they hate the most and list three reasons why they hate it so much. So if you hate doing the dishes, give three reasons why (such as: it makes me wet, my hands get too dry, it’s smelly).

    Take back the papers and read aloud the reasons EXCEPT replace the hated household chore with the phrase – “I hate sex because…” Extremely hilarious. Your guests will be laughing, as well as blushing, and the joke for once will be on them NOT the bride!