More Bridal Shower Games That Involve Food

Here are 3 more fun (and funny!) games to play with food.

Food Bridal Shower Game #4: Marshmallow Mania

Make a list of names of some famous people. Let the list include some easy pronouncing names like Tom Hanks and some tongue twisters like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now get the girls to call out the names on the list one by one. However, before calling out a name the girl whose turn it is must put a marshmallow in her mouth and then call out the name. The bride will have to guess the names. The first few are really simple. As more and more marshmallows are put in the mouth, it becomes really difficult to pronounce even the simplest of names. The girl who calls off all the names and makes them understood successfully wins. Variation: For a theme party you could include names of people related to the theme or even put in theme related words instead of names of famous people.

Food Bridal Shower Game #5: Orange Relay

Divide the group of girls into four teams and create relay ‘lanes’ for them to race. Take a pair of panty hose and put an orange in one leg of the hose. Give each team an “orange hose”. Now place four more oranges, one at the beginning of each relay lane. The objective of the game is to have one member from each team tie the hose around her waist with the orange dangling to the floor. Then she needs to hit the orange placed on the floor with the orange in the hose and get it to the finish line. There she can transfer the” orange panty hose” to another member who is responsible for getting it back to the start line and so on and so forth until every member in the team has had a turn. The team that finishes first wins!  It’s like a panty hose version of croquet. The great part about this game is that you only need four guests to play the game but can accommodate even a large bridal shower.

Food Bridal Shower Game #6: Crop The Carrot

Get a really long carrot and tell the bride to hold it between her knees. Now she has to pass it on to another woman – between the knees! Keep passing the carrot from one woman to another between the knees. Every time the carrot falls cut off an inch to make it shorter. When the carrot is so short that it can’t be passed on anymore the person who has it wins. Variation: Depending on the theme you are having you can substitute the carrot for other items. But be careful when picking the item that it can easily be lopped off into smaller sizes.

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