Games That Send You On Scavenger Hunts

Women’s purses are like Pandora’s box. Once opened you never know what will come out! So why not get them to dig around and see what all they can find for the bride. Here are some great games that involve scavenger hunts.

Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower Game #1: Loosen The Purse Strings

Make a list of 20 items that women generally carry in their purse – lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, tissue, credit card, and car keys. Then throw in 5 wedding and relationship related items like wedding or engagement ring, a Hershey’s kiss, love note, ticket stubs from a movie date and the like. Add 2 really weird items related to your theme. So if you are having a beach bridal shower add a bikini and sun screen to the list. Or for an exotic Japanese bridal shower add chopsticks and kimono. If you are having a large party divide the girls into four or five groups else let everyone go at it alone. The person/persons who have the most items win! You’ll be surprised at what all comes out of the bags.

Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower Game #2: Get The Bride To Church

This game requires a little more effort on your part. The idea is to create little ‘clues’ that you put around the house (or wherever you are having the bridal shower). Each clue points to another one and requires the girls to do something related to getting the bride to the church. So for example, the first clue could be “It’s time to get the bride dressed to get her to church so let’s find something old, and something new, something borrowed and something blue”. The girls need to find the four things and put them on the bride. The group who does this first gets points. Then the bride gives out the next clue – “My hand’s are free and empty, How about some flowers to make them pretty!” The girls need to hunt for a bridal bouquet that you have hidden around the house and give it to the bride to get the next clue. Depending on your creativity and the amount of time you have, go ahead and design your own scavenger clues.

Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower Game #3: Man Hunt

This is great for co-ed bridal showers. Make a list of feminine things like mascara, nail file, compact, bra and tampon etc. Give the men at the shower the list and ask them to collect each item. The guy who gets all the items first wins! Couples generally have an edge over singles with this game. However, the singles don’t seem to mind the great way to meet each other. You can play it in the reverse as well and have the women do the scavenging.

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