Bridal Shower Crafts & Activities

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Advice To The Letter

Put down the bride’s name vertically on paper cards. Ask each guest to write out a piece of advice (only 2-3 words each), beginning with the letters in the bride’s name. The advice can be risque or pragmatic. Of course, the more risque is it the more fun everyone has! Get the bride to read out all the advice aloud and share a few good laughs.

Example: Andrea
A: Always say “I love you”
N: Never go to bed angry
D: Don’t forget the sexy underware
R: Read Cosmo for advice
E: Eat in bed
A: Act naughty!

To add a bit of competition to the activity turn it into a fun contest with everyone voting on the “Best Advice”, “Most Creative”, “Funniest Advice” etc. Give a small prize for each winner.

At the end collect up all the advice pages and put them in a book or memory box for the bride as a great reminder of her shower.

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Candles & Well Wishes

Get a bunch of candles and give one to each guest. You can also cut small holes in the bottom of paper cups to push the candles through to create candle “holders” so the guests do not get wax on themselves.

Make everyone stand in a circle with the bride in the center. Light the bride’s candle first. As the bride stands in front of each guest, ask the guest to say something special to the bride-to-be. It could be a special message, best wishes or just good marriage advice. Once the person has finished the bride can light the guest’s candle with her own.

Once everyone’s candles have been lit you can choose to say a prayer for the bride for a happy future and marriage.

Variation: Instead of or along with lighting the candles, you as the host of the bridal shower can also take a book and write down all the messages as each person is saying them. This becomes a great keepsake book for the bride for the years to come.

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Bridal Shower Household Poem

The bride is seated in front of the party so everyone can see her. A good time for this is right before the presents are to be opened and everyone is seated around her. She is then told that they have a poem for her that will be read by the hostess. The poem is written with a nice selection of brand name household products in it and while the poem is read, the bride opens the “gifts” that corresponds to the poem, revealing the brand names that fill in the blanks.

Type up the poem, substituting a number for each product name. Wrap each household product “gift” individually and number them to correspond with the order they appear in the bridal shower household poem. Have the hostess read the poem and when she gets to a number have the bride open that numbered gift, filling in the blanks of the poem. You can also just have the household items unseen in a box to the side and while the hostess is reading the poem have her (or a helper) hand the bride the household products unwrapped, one by one, when she gets to it in the poem. Make sure the timing is right on this so that the household items aren’t brought out before it’s read.

We have two versions of the poem for you to use, but you can change it to add or take out any products or well wishes you want to make it more personal.

Bridal Shower Household Poem – Version 1

Dear (Bride's Name),
As you prepare for marriage, and are so filled with JOY, we wanted to let you in on a little SECRET. We know you think (Groom's Name) has a really CHARMIN personality, and in physique, might be BRAWNY, you may soon find out that he is no MR. CLEAN. There may be times when he makes you want to SHOUT, but don't send out the S.O.S. because he might VANISH. (Groom's name) will bring you CHEER and you will find him to be your white DOVE. He will always be there to SNUGGLE with, and be a best friend to fill your life with extra ZEST. When you are together you will find JOY, so remember your PLEDGE and give him your ALL. May your marriage be filled with a BOUNTY of love and stand HEAD & SHOULDERS above the rest.

To See Household Poem Version 2 CLICK HERE

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Advice From The Heart

Cut out small hearts from a nice, light pink paper. You can even make hearts in multiple colors. Give each guest as they arrive a heart. Ask the guests to write some advice for the bride on the hearts and drop it in a crystal vase or a keepsake box.

The advice can be something they have learned from their own marriages or have heard from married friends and family. “Never go to bed mad”, “Don’t let ego stand in the way of love” and “Always respect each other” are examples of good advice.

Once all the guests have shared their advice, ask the bride to read each one aloud. This makes a great keepsake for the bride and can even be the hostess’s gift to the bride. For a little something extra you can even get a keepsake box or small photo album to hold the hearts in for the bride.

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Family Recipes

Along with the invitations to the bridal shower, send in blank recipe cards as well. Ask each guest to write her favorite recipe and bring it to the shower. Collect the recipe cards from your guests as each guest arrives, tie them with a beautiful ribbon and put them in a keepsake box. When the gifts are being opened, present the bride with the box of recipes. She will be thrilled with your thoughtfulness and have a great selection of recipes to make for her new husband!

To make it a little competetive, after receiving the cards, have the bride read aloud the names of the recipes she received and have her pick her favorite just from the name. Have that person win a prize.

This does take a little planning, as you want to give your guests enough time to get their recipe and write it out, but the end result is worth the effort and the cost is minimal.

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Scrapbook of Memories

Put on the invitations, or contact your guests before the event, and ask that they each bring to the shower a picture of herself with the bride. Get an empty scrapbook and decorate the cover so that it reads something like “BRIDE’S NAME & Friends Forever”, or “With Love To BRIDE’S NAME”.

When each guest comes, ask her to stick the photo in the scrapbook and write some fond memories that she has of times shared with the bride on that page. It makes a beautiful keepsake scrapbook for the bride.

If possible, you can also try to arrange for a Polaroid camera so that guests who show up without a photo, or don’t have one with the bride can have one taken instantly. That way no one will feel left out.

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Wedding Night Survival Kit

When you send out your bridal shower invitations, tell the guests to bring a second gift for the bride to go in a wedding night survival kit. The idea is that these gifts should all be items the bride might need on her first night of marriage. They can be practical gifts like her favorite lotion or bottled water or gag gifts that can get as naughty as you like.

The gifts can be wrapped but should not have a card, so the bride is never sure who brought which gift. That way the guests can give her something that might normally be a bit embarrassing without worrying about ever taking the blame(or perhaps credit) for the gift. Before the guests arrive put a bag or a pillow case in a room away from the shower activity where the guests can go add their gift to the survival kit in private. Once all gifts are in the kit, tie it off.

Bring the survival kit to the wedding reception and as the newly married couple is leaving give the bride her kit with a card of well wishes signed by all of the guests from her bridal shower.

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Find The Good Word

Gather a bunch of magazines that your guests can cut up and make a list of 10-15 wedding and marriage related words, you can even throw in some non-marriage words for variety. Divide all the guests into 4 or 5 groups and give each group a list of the words and the magazines (3-5 per team is good) along with an 11 x 14 piece of construction paper, scissors and glue.

Each group has to cut out words and pictures from the magazines and glue them on the paper to represent and make the words from the list. The group that finishes pasting all the words first wins.

When making up your words list make it a little fun (or naughty!) by adding some off the wall items like “a man’s butt” and even a few weird ones like “hot dog” or “panty hose”. Have the guest put the name of the “Bride to be” at the top of the page or perhaps you want to find words that describe the bride to be. If you are having a themed bridal shower, pick words related to the theme. The options and creativity of this game are endless!

When you are finished you can gather the collages up and present them to the bride in a scrapbook as a gift to remember her bridal shower.

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Predict The Future Collage

Divide the guests into 4 or 5 groups and give each group a 11 x 14 piece of construction paper, scissors, glue, and an assortment of magazines they can cut up (3-5 for each groups is good). Now assign a theme to each group on which they must create a collage. The themes should all be related to the bride’s life after marriage, such as “honeymoon”, “new home”, “children”, “romance after marriage” and “anniversary”.

The groups must create a collage that depicts what they think the bride’s life will be like after marriage in relation to their theme. So one group can create a collage that depicts what they think the bride’s honeymoon will be like. They can cut out pictures and words and even make up a short story! Once everyone has completed their collages, take the papers and have the bride select the winner.

You can collect the collages at the end and paste them into a scrapbook as a gift it to the bride. She will love the keepsake from her bridal shower and years later can look back and see how many of them really did predicted the future!

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Best Wishes Quilt

Try this activity only if you are good at quilting or know someone who is and will do the job for you. Make sure you give your guests plenty of notice as it will take them time to get their part ready, as well as your own. If you do not have time to give the guests notice you can also set this up as a bridal shower activity, too.

Send each guest a request to make one square of a specific dimension for the bride’s quilt and bring it to the shower. On the square they can paint, write or embroider a special message for the bride. They can also use ribbons, buttons and appliqués.

If you set this up as an activity to be done at the bridal shower then at the party have squares of fabric (at least 1′ x 1′) waiting for the guests with a choice of fabric paints, ribbons, thread and needles, fabric glue, buttons, etc. Have the guests decorate their square at the shower. While they are decorating, have guests tell a funny story or fond memory of the bride-to-be.

Present each square to the bride at the bridal shower from all her friends. Then you as the host can take all the squares and make them into a quilt for the bride to use. Present it to the couple on their wedding day from all the bride’s friends. This will be a gift the bride will cherish forever!

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Happy Memories

Get everyone to sit around in a circle so that they can all see each other and especially the bride. Then one at a time have each guest tell a cherished memory they have of times shared with the bride, or of the first time they met the bride and what they remembered about her. The memory must be special and unique. This is a really great way to make the bride feel extra special at her bridal shower. However, be prepared for some tears!

This makes a great keepsake gift if you have someone video this or write down the memories. Your bride will cherish the special stories and memories from her friends and love ones for many years to come.

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Advice “On The Record”

Set up a video camera in a spare room or corner of the party room. Ask each of the guests to sit in a pre-designated chair or spot and record a piece of advice for the bride. The personal video greeting from each guest will become one long piece of recorded advice from all her best girl friends for the bride to see whenever she wishes.

It is best to set up a video camera with a remote control so the guests can simply record themselves on the tape. If you cannot manage that, designate someone to play the camerawoman for you. It is not a great idea for the hostess to play camerawoman, as she will already have loads of responsibilities.

The videotape makes a great bridal shower gift from the hostess to the bride.

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Letter By Letter

Have an assortment of magazines, glue, scissors and pieces of 11 x 14 construction paper for each person. Ask everyone present to write a letter to the bride. However, they must write the letter by cutting out pictures and words from magazines and pasting them on to a sheet of paper making a collage. You can divide the guests into groups or not depending on the size of the party. If you are having a theme party, make the guests create a letter related to the theme.

To add to the fun specify certain things like the length of the letter, some words that have to be used like “love”, “romance”, “marriage” and even a few weird ones like “hot dog”, “child”, “panty hose”. The letters will end up being really funny.

When they are done have the bride read them aloud and vote on the winners. Voting for winners like “most sentimental”, “most creative”, and “funniest” makes the game much more fun, too. When it is over take all the letters and paste them into a scrapbook to gift to the bride. She will love the reminder of a wonderful bridal shower.

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Showered With Wishes

Get a light colored shower curtain and some waterproof markers. As each guest arrives ask her to write a piece of advice for the bride on the outside of the shower curtain. Make sure to use waterproof fabric markers if you get a fabric curtain, or a waterproof sharpie if you use a plastic one. You can give your guests an assortment of colors to use and have them really dress it up and be creative with their well wishes.

Gift this to the bride to use after she is married and she will be reminded of the lovely bridal shower every morning!

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