Club Hopping Scavenger Hunt


  • List of activities for the bride to get done.
  • "Bride-to-be" t-shirt or sash
  • Bridal showers aren’t always tea and cake, sometimes they are made up of a group of partying friends wishing to give their best girlfriend on one last “hurrah” before the big day. If this is how your bridal shower is going to be, this is the perfect game for you.


    This works best with a small group of 6-10 girls. You will need two cars and designated drivers for the night as well. Make a list of things the bride must collect from popular bars across the town. You could ask for a paper napkin from one bar autographed by ten single men, a shooter glass from another bar, 5 dollars the bride must collect as tips serving drinks to the people at the third bar, 2 drinks bought for her at the forth, and so on. You can make it as naughty or as nice as you want, it depends on the bride and what she is comfortable doing.

    Make sure to label the bride “Bride To Be” so everyone will know what’s happening and there will be no confusion, you don’t want any men thinking she is single! A simple “Bride-To-Be” sash or t-shirt works great for this.

    Have one of the designated drivers keep track of the score and hop from one bar to the next as the “scavenger hunt” goes on, getting a new activity done at each place. Buy a round for everyone at each bar and have fun!

    Note: As the hostess of the bridal shower, etiquette does not require you to sponsor the entire bridal shower at a bar or club. That can be pretty expensive. What is your responsibility however is to buy the entry for all the guests to the club, buy a round of drinks for everyone and give away some favors as a thank you.