Daring Divas


  • White t-shirt for Bride
  • Fabric Pens
  • "Bride-to-be" name tag or sash
  • What better way to send your best girlfriend into marriage then a reminder of the single men she is leaving behind! If your bride-to-be is a bit shy she may just surprise you with how “unshy” she will become.


    Make the bride dress up in a plain white tee shirt and sexy skirt or pants and get her a couple fabric pens or markers. Host the bridal shower at a popular club or bar and get the bride to gather as many best wishes or autographs as she can from all the single men present at the club – on her tee shirt! Make sure you put a label on her saying “Bride To Be” so everyone knows it’s only fun and games. You’ll be surprised at how nice the guys can be and how flirty the bride will get as the evening progresses.

    The tee shirt is a great keepsake for the bride as a reminder of the great bridal shower, just make sure you and the bridal shower guests sign it, too.

    Note: As the hostess of the bridal shower, etiquette does not require you to sponsor the entire bridal shower at a bar or club. That can be pretty expensive. What is your responsibility however is to buy the entry for all the guests to the club, buy a round of drinks for everyone and give away some favors as a thank you.