“What Not To Wear!” Gift Pass


  • Corsage
  • Gift box
  • Music player & music
  • Bridal showers have so many gags on the bride, this one is a great “gag” game to play on the guests instead. You will be surprised how fast women can toss a box when they think it’s something they might be “stuck” with winning!


    Play this game just like “musical chairs”, but with a funny twist, and instead of the guests moving, they are passing a gift box instead.

    Before the party buy a pretty corsage and wrap it in a gift box. Tell your guests that whomever is left holding the box at the end of the game has to wear whatever in inside the box for the rest of the party. Naturally, everyone will assume it is something embarrassing and will do their best to pass the box quickly!

    Have all your guests sit in a circle and hand the first person the “gift”. Start the music and have your guests it until the music stops. When it stops whomever is holding the gift is “out.” The last person holding the gift box is the “winner”.

    Have the winner open the box, and then wait for the huge sigh of relief (and laughs from the other guests) when they realize it’s a lovely corsage!