Let ‘er Rip!


  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Bridal showers seem to be flooded with toilet paper games, this one is a neat idea and gets a lot of points for creativity. It’s also an inexpensive and perfect last minute game since most women should have a spare roll in their house to use.


    Take a roll of toilet paper and walk around the room offering it to each guest. Ask each guest to tear off as much paper as they normally use at one go. This will result in a riot of laughs as each guest is too shy to reveal such a personal thing and wonders what the others think about her. Be prepared for a rousing round of comments. Some guests may be offended by this, so if this seems a bit too personal for your group you can also just give each guest the same amount of sheets without asking this delicate question.

    Once all the guests have their share of paper, ask them to create a “gift” for the bride using the toilet paper. You will be surprised what some women can come up with. The most creative gift, as chosen by the bride, gets a prize!