Letter By Letter


  • Sheets of 11x14 Construction Paper
  • Assortment of magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue or paste
  • Scrapbook (optional)
  • Bridal showers are made to wish the bride well in her new marriage and let her know how much she is loved. Why not put a creative spin on it and let your guests’ artistic abilities shine. You will be very surprised how good some of these letters will end up being with just some glue and magazine pictures!


    Have an assortment of magazines, glue, scissors and pieces of 11 x 14 construction paper for each person. Ask everyone present to write a letter to the bride. However, they must write the letter by cutting out pictures and words from magazines and pasting them on to a sheet of paper making a collage. You can divide the guests into groups or not depending on the size of the party. If you are having a theme party, make the guests create a letter related to the theme.

    To add to the fun specify certain things like the length of the letter, some words that have to be used like “love”, “romance”, “marriage” and even a few weird ones like “hot dog”, “child”, “panty hose”. The letters will end up being really funny.

    When they are done have the bride read them aloud and vote on the winners. Voting for winners like “most sentimental”, “most creative”, and “funniest” makes the game much more fun, too. When it is over take all the letters and paste them into a scrapbook to gift to the bride. She will love the reminder of a wonderful bridal shower.