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Name 4 Things…



  • Small sheets of paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • What four things would you take on a honeymoon? Would you remember to take the groom?! This funny little game is a bit of a trick, but takes only a few minutes to play and will have your guests laughing out loud at the end.


    Tell all your guests you have a quick game to play to get the party started. Give each guest a scrap of paper and a pen (or pencil) and ask each person to write down 4 things they think the bride should bring on her honeymoon. When everyone has written down 4 things time is up.

    Finding the winners is simple… it’s anyone who wrote down the “Groom”!!

    You can hand out small prizes to anyone who answered correctly by mentioning the groom as one of their 4 items, just make sure to have enough prizes for everyone. You might not even need any prizes, you will be surprised how many times this game gets played with everyone forgetting to mention the groom as a needed honeymoon item!

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