Taboo & Tokens


  • One "token" item for each guest
  • Bridal showers are full of “oh! the wedding is so soon”, “look how much in love they are”, and “the bride is so beautiful.” Why not make it a bit more interesting and make those always present words taboo! No more saying bride or love, now your guests can say “the L word” and “the one getting hitched” instead. You will have normally shy ladies grabbing tokens from each other when someone slips up with this game.


    Select a word that is considered “Taboo” for the duration of the bridal shower. “Bride”, “Marriage”, “Love” are all possible taboo words. As soon as a guest arrives at the bridal shower, tell her what the taboo word(s) are and give her a “token”. Safety pins, plastic bracelets, even a small ribbon, anything that can be passed around easily makes a perfect “token”.

    If a guest hears another guest using the taboo word, she can take a token from her. The guest with the maximum number of tokens at the end of the bridal shower wins the game.

    For a themed shower you can use a “token” that is related to it. So if you are having a Hawaiian bridal shower theme, get leis to use as tokens. For a garden theme bridal shower you can use flowers as tokens and so on.

    This is a great ice breaker game as it gets guests who do not even know each other talking and trying to get token from people they have never met.