Wedding Taboo Game


  • 3x5 Cards
  • This is one team game that will certainly create some action. What do you get if you take the classic game of “Taboo” and put a bridal spin on it? You have a fun, and funny, game of “Wedding Taboo” perfect for any bridal shower. In this game, what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say! Your guests play in teams to try and guess the wedding related words as their teammates shout out clues. But some words are taboo, so don’t say the wrong clue, or your team loses! There is a “paid to print” version of the taboo cards available with 96 printable game cards, so if you are not up to making your own by hand you many want to try that instead.


    Create game cards using 3×5 cards cut in half, or print them off, 12 to a sheet, on your computer. Each game card should have a main word at the top, this is the word the team has to guess, and 5-6 “taboo” words at the bottom, these are the words the player can NOT say while giving clues to their team. Example: Main Word is “Bride”, taboo words can be female, dress, bouquet, veil, and white. Main word is “Cherish”, taboo words can be vows, treasure, care for, bride, groom, and song. You want to make enough for each team to do at least a few rounds each.

    Divide your guests into teams of 2-4 people. Taking turns, each team gets a chance to earn points. On the team’s turn the hostess gives one team member a taboo card. The top word on the card is the word their team needs to guess in 60 seconds or less. The words listed below are words you CAN’T say when trying to get your team to guess the top word. The rest of the team members shout out their answers trying to guess the word until they correctly guess it or time runs out. Correct guesses in 60 seconds or less earns the team a point.

    Depending on the number of teams, and the time you want to spend playing, you can play for a set number of rounds (highest score at end wins), or until one team hits a set score. This is a very entertaining game that gets your guest involved (and laughing out loud!). Great game for co-ed showers, too.

    For a themed shower: Choose words that are related to your theme instead. If it’s a beach themed wedding you can use words like “ocean” or “shells”, for a garden party “watering can” or “flower bulbs”. You can adapt this to pretty much any theme with a little bit of creative thinking so that your bridal shower is a hit!

    Paid Version Option

    If you have too many guests to make your own cards, or no time, for a small fee you can buy the Wedding Taboo game cards and print them right on your own printer in minutes. There is nothing to download, their site does all the work for you. Within minutes you will be printing out your cards, 96 in all. It’s a nice option for those without the time, or who are doing a last minute party and need them ready now. Click Here to Print Your Own “Wedding Taboo” game cards now.