Advice To The Letter


  • Paper
  • Pens
  • There is no better gift to give a new bride then a bit of wisdom about her soon to be marriage, but why make not make it simple and funny, too. This activity is sure to help the bride through the years with quick and funny, if not heartfelt advice from her friends.


    Put down the bride’s name vertically on paper cards. Ask each guest to write out a piece of advice (only 2-3 words each), beginning with the letters in the bride’s name. The advice can be risque or pragmatic. Of course, the more risque is it the more fun everyone has! Get the bride to read out all the advice aloud and share a few good laughs.

    Example: Andrea

    A: Always say “I love you”
    N: Never go to bed angry
    D: Don’t forget the sexy underware
    R: Read Cosmo for advice
    E: Eat in bed
    A: Act naughty!

    To add a bit of competition to the activity turn it into a fun contest with everyone voting on the “Best Advice”, “Most Creative”, “Funniest Advice” etc. Give a small prize for each winner.

    At the end collect up all the advice pages and put them in a book or memory box for the bride as a great reminder of her shower.