Bridal Shower Games That Dress The Bride

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. So what better way than to ask her closest friends to help her get dressed!

Here are some bridal shower games that dress up the bride for her big day. Perhaps the look created may not be exactly what the bride had in mind, but it sure works for the guests at the bridal shower!

Dressing Bridal Shower Game #1: Lights Out

Tell the bride to pretend that she and her husband are making out on their wedding night. Suddenly, all the lights go out and a fuse is blown. The electrician needs to come and check what happened. So the bride has to get dressed in the dark in a hurry! Make sure you blindfold the bride so she can’t see what she is putting on and if it?’s buttoned up all right.

You can collect a bag full of gag clothes for the bride -  a maternity dress, a sock, a g-string, a pair of men’s briefs and whatever else you can think of.  Ask all the guests to get one piece of clothing to contribute to the bag. You could also ask all the guests to buy racy lingerie that would be their gift to the bride. Make the bride wear the lingerie over her clothes for the duration of the shower. Great photographs guaranteed!

Dressing Bridal Shower Game #2: Mix n Match

Divide the entire party of women into groups of four. Each group has to select a bride from amongst themselves and “dress her up” using whatever they themselves are wearing or carrying. So they have to mix and match from four outfits and pairs of shoes, accessories, bags – the complete works.

Have the “brides” walk the ramp for the bride. Let her decide who the winner is!

Dressing Bridal Shower Game #3: Undress The Guests

This one is for the bride to enjoy! Give all the guests a paper bag to put over their heads. Now tell the guests that you are playing a version of Simon says. Keep telling guests to remove one piece of clothing at a time – a watch, shoe, scarf etc. The smart ones will realize what’s happening and remove the bag from over their head. The one who catches on last will have performed a strip tease for the whole group and of course  only the bride and the hostess remain dressed.

Copyright Andrea R. Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.