Family Recipes


  • Recipe Cards (sent before hand)
  • Recipe keepsake box
  • The tradition of bridal showers started when the womenfolk in the village or town got together with gifts, recipes and advice for the bride to be so that she could start her new married life with things to call her own. This activity carries on this tradition and makes a wonderful and sentimental gift for the bride!


    Along with the invitations to the bridal shower, send in blank recipe cards as well. Ask each guest to write her favorite recipe and bring it to the shower. Collect the recipe cards from your guests as each guest arrives, tie them with a beautiful ribbon and put them in a keepsake box. When the gifts are being opened, present the bride with the box of recipes. She will be thrilled with your thoughtfulness and have a great selection of recipes to make for her new husband!

    To make it a little competetive, after receiving the cards, have the bride read aloud the names of the recipes she received and have her pick her favorite just from the name. Have that person win a prize.

    This does take a little planning, as you want to give your guests enough time to get their recipe and write it out, but the end result is worth the effort and the cost is minimal.