Find The Good Word


  • Sheets of 11x14 Construction Paper
  • Assortment of magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue or paste
  • List of wedding words
  • This crafty game is one part race, one part creativity, and one part fun! You will be surprised how fast some groups will finish when they work together, and how funny it is when they don’t!


    Gather a bunch of magazines that your guests can cut up and make a list of 10-15 wedding and marriage related words, you can even throw in some non-marriage words for variety. Divide all the guests into 4 or 5 groups and give each group a list of the words and the magazines (3-5 per team is good) along with an 11 x 14 piece of construction paper, scissors and glue.

    Each group has to cut out words and pictures from the magazines and glue them on the paper to represent and make the words from the list. The group that finishes pasting all the words first wins.

    When making up your words list make it a little fun (or naughty!) by adding some off the wall items like “a man’s butt” and even a few weird ones like “hot dog” or “panty hose”. Have the guest put the name of the “Bride to be” at the top of the page or perhaps you want to find words that describe the bride to be. If you are having a themed bridal shower, pick words related to the theme. The options and creativity of this game are endless!

    When you are finished you can gather the collages up and present them to the bride in a scrapbook as a gift to remember her bridal shower.