Bridal Shower Games That Involve Food

Your mother may have told you to never play with your food, but surely a bridal shower can be the exception to the rule. No party is complete without great food and here are some games that will really have your guests talking about the delights they had!

Food Bridal Shower Game #1: Bridal Hot Dog

Get a belt and tie a long string or cord to the back of it. When all the guests arrive let the game begin. Give each player a raw hot dog. The person whose turn it is, should tie the loose end of the string to the hot dog and wear the belt so that the hot dog is just below her knees. Then set up a mousetrap on the floor. The objective of the game is to set of the mousetrap without getting the hot dog caught. Squatting over the mousetrap is the position that works best and is most embarrassing! If no one can complete the dare successfully, the person with the longest hot dog left wins.

Food Bridal Shower Game #2: Lick It Off

String a clothesline across the room and hang large powered donuts from it so that they hang just within reach of your mouth. Get all the guests to stand beneath their donuts with their hands behind their backs. When the timer goes off the girls have to start licking the sugar off the donuts without biting or breaking the donut. At the end of two minutes the donuts licked cleanest wins! This game will give you some great photo opportunities so be prepared with a camera in hand. This game also allows the hostess to participate along with the guests.

Food Bridal Shower Game #3: Balls Of Lemon

Put a lemon in each leg of a stocking and wrap it around the participant’s waist so that the lemons are dangling about 18 inches off the ground. Place a 1/3 full gallon soda bottle on the floor. The participant must swing her hips back and forth so that the lemon balls knock the soda bottle down. Whoever can do it in the least amount of time wins. This is a fantastic game filled with sexual innuendos. The swinging hips can arouse comments from suggestive to wild and lead to a lot of laughs.

Copyright Andrea R. Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.