Risqué Waitress Bride


  • "Bride-to-be" name tag or sash
  • Being a flirty waitress doesn’t sound like much of a game until you are laughing yourself silly being served a drink by your bride-to-be, then it’s perfect. This makes for a great photo oppertunity so have your camera ready…. and don’t forget to tip your waitress!


    Talk to the owner of a bar or club you frequent and set up the bridal shower there. Get a waitresses costume for the bride and make her play “sexy waitress” for the night. Put a label saying “Bride To Be” so that everyone knows it’s only a game. Let the bride serve drinks, gather tips and in general play a friendly, flirty waitress to your group (and everyone else at the bar if she is up for it!). Depending on how out going your bride-to-be is this can become one funny night. Just make sure to tip her well!

    Note: As the hostess of the bridal shower, etiquette does not require you to sponsor the entire bridal shower at a bar or club. That can be pretty expensive. What is your responsibility however is to buy the entry for all the guests to the club, buy a round of drinks for everyone and give away some favors as a thank you.