General Knowledge Bridal Shower Games

The movies and media are swamped with reality TV couples, relationships and marriage related shows and films. Most women end up watching the popular relationship based sitcom and shows on television. So why not test their knowledge a bit? These games are also a great way to get a quick idea of who amongst the group of girls has loads of gray matter and who needs some help finding her way.

IQ Bridal Shower Game #1: Unscramble

Make a list of marriage and wedding related words like marriage, bridesmaid, husband, chapel, wedding vows etc. Scramble them and put them on a paper. Make copies of the list of scrambled words. Give each guest a list to unscramble. The guest who can unscramble the words fastest wins. Variation: For a theme bridal shower you can scramble words related to the theme.

IQ Bridal Shower Game #2: How Well Do You Know Your TV Couples

Make a list of 20 famous TV couples and put in just their last names. Give a copy of the list to all the guests at the bridal shower. The aim of the game is to put down the first names of the couples and the TV show that they starred in. A fun game that often leads to spirited discussions about the relationships shared by the fictitious couples.

IQ Bridal Shower Game #3: Then And Now

This one requires some effort on your part. Find photographs of famous couples in their youth and celebrating their 40th or 50th anniversaries. Mix up the photographs and ask the guests to match the correct photographs together. If finding photographs of famous couples is difficult, you could also ask the guests to bring along photographs of their parents’ wedding and a recent photo as well. It is great fun to see the bridal fashions that were in vogue 40-50 years ago.

IQ Bridal Shower Game #4: The Price Is Right

Collect a bunch of wedding related items and make a list of the price as well. You can pick items like favors, wedding cake topper, thank you notes, a veil, bridal bouquet etc. Put all the items on a tray and ask your guests to estimate the cost of each item. The person who comes closest to the actual cost of the items wins! Much tougher than you would imagine.

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