Candles & Well Wishes


  • 1 candle for each guest
  • Lighter or matches
  • Notebook to write well wishes in (optional)
  • Sometimes we forget weddings are not just a time of presents and parties, they are also a special time of faith and, for many, a very religious ceremony. With that in mind this activity brings both faith and fond memories to the bride, in a way that is sure to have your guests needing more than one tissue.


    Get a bunch of candles and give one to each guest. You can also cut small holes in the bottom of paper cups to push the candles through to create candle “holders” so the guests do not get wax on themselves.

    Make everyone stand in a circle with the bride in the center. Light the bride’s candle first. As the bride stands in front of each guest, ask the guest to say something special to the bride-to-be. It could be a special message, best wishes or just good marriage advice. Once the person has finished the bride can light the guest’s candle with her own.

    Once everyone’s candles have been lit you can choose to say a prayer for the bride for a happy future and marriage.

    Variation: Instead of or along with lighting the candles, you as the host of the bridal shower can also take a book and write down all the messages as each person is saying them. This becomes a great keepsake book for the bride for the years to come.