Bride Trivia Bridal Shower Games

We have a free printable “Know the Bride” game available, as well as a free printable Naughty “Know the Bride” game in our printable bridal shower games section, too.

It is but natural that the bride should be the center of attention at her bridal shower. To make the bride feel special and shower her with affection here are some games that revolve around the bride.

Bridal Trivia Bridal Shower Game #1: Know The Bride

In a spin off on the original game of Trivia, bridal trivia follows all the same rules except the questions are all about the bride. Make a list of 20 trivia questions about the bride – her favorite food, her favorite dinner place, the travel destination that tops her list of places to see and similar questions. The questions should be such that the answers may be known to her close friends but not necessarily. You could put in a couple of very obvious questions at the beginning just to get everyone in the mood of the game. Make copies of the list of questions. Get the bride to fill in one sheet, which is the master answer sheet and get all the guests to fill in answers that they think are correct. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

Bridal Trivia Bridal Shower Game #2: The Bride’s Courtship

If there’s one thing that will come up at the bridal shower it is how the bride and groom met and their love story. So why not play a game around it? Make a list of questions related to the bride and groom’s courtship. Where did the bride and groom meet? What was the bride’s first impression of the groom? Where did they go for their first date? How did the groom propose? Where did he propose? Where are they going for their honeymoon? Then get the girls to fill out the answers as per their knowledge. If someone doesn’t know the answer they can make a guess or put down something really funny instead. Read out the answers and let the bride tell her story.

Bridal Trivia Bridal Shower Game #3: Back In Time

This one looks really neat if done well. Make a list of major events in the bride’s life and the years they took place. You may need to consult with her mother or sister for details. Include things like year of birth, year of graduation, year of first kiss, year of college graduation, year of first date and the like. Make a dateline and put all the items in the order they occurred leaving the year blank. Let the guests fill in the year they think the event occurred in. You can make a large version of the dateline on good poster paper and decorate it for the bride to keep as a memory of the bridal shower and a keepsake.

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