Advice From The Heart


  • Paper Hearts
  • Pens
  • Keepsake box or album
  • Bridal shower history has it that women of the town used to hold a bridal shower for the bride to be, so that they could give her marital advice that would hold her in good stead after the wedding. So what better way to have fun at the bridal shower than to hark back to tradition? Here is an activity that gives advice to the bride on making her marriage last a lifetime.


    Cut out small hearts from a nice, light pink paper. You can even make hearts in multiple colors. Give each guest as they arrive a heart. Ask the guests to write some advice for the bride on the hearts and drop it in a crystal vase or a keepsake box.

    The advice can be something they have learned from their own marriages or have heard from married friends and family. “Never go to bed mad”, “Don’t let ego stand in the way of love” and “Always respect each other” are examples of good advice.

    Once all the guests have shared their advice, ask the bride to read each one aloud. This makes a great keepsake for the bride and can even be the hostess’s gift to the bride. For a little something extra you can even get a keepsake box or small photo album to hold the hearts in for the bride.