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Taboo & Tokens

Select a word that is considered “Taboo” for the duration of the bridal shower. “Bride”, “Marriage”, “Love” are all possible taboo words. As soon as a guest arrives at the bridal shower, tell her what the taboo word(s) are and give her a “token”. Safety pins, plastic bracelets, even a small ribbon, anything that can be passed around easily makes a perfect “token”.

If a guest hears another guest using the taboo word, she can take a token from her. The guest with the maximum number of tokens at the end of the bridal shower wins the game.

For a themed shower you can use a “token” that is related to it. So if you are having a Hawaiian bridal shower theme, get leis to use as tokens. For a garden theme bridal shower you can use flowers as tokens and so on.

This is a great ice breaker game as it gets guests who do not even know each other talking and trying to get token from people they have never met.

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A Proverb Corrected

This is a twist on another popular bridal shower games where you say the beginning of a common proverb and have a guest finish the quote. The twist for this game is that the guest has to finish the proverb with anything except the traditional ending. For example, Love means never having to say (fill in the blank). In the traditional game the answer is of course; “you are sorry”. When playing A Proverb Corrected, that is the only wrong answer. Play the game and then vote on the funniest, most meaningful, and most romantic answers and award prizes.

You can even make it themed so answers can only revolve around a theme (example: Love means never having to “paint your own toenails” for a spa themed bridal shower)!

Submitted by: Claire B.

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Spice It Up

Get a cute spice rack full of many spices and then cover each of the containers with construction paper or something similar. You then write a different number(or letter) on each spice. Once the bridal shower guests arrive pass out paper and instruct them to smell and/or taste each spice and write down what they think it is. The person who gets the most right wins the spice rack, or it can be a gift for the bride!

You’ll be surprised how many spices people DO & DON’T know! Also, if you’re on a budget you can just place different spices on small plates and not buy a whole spice rack. Most people have enough spices in their cabinets to play this game well enough.

Submitted by: Sofie R.

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Quote the Bride

This game can get a little bit spicy so it might not work for every bridal shower. Simply have someone secretly write down the first thing the bride says as she opens up her shower gifts. After she is done, read back what she said, but in the context of things she’ll say to her new husband on their wedding night. You’ll be surprised how sassy some of the innocent comments will sound.

Submitted by: Lucia Y.

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