Bridal Shower Gift Bingo


  • Bingo Cards
  • Pens to mark bingo
  • Bingo has become synonymous with Bridal Showers. There are a ton of different ways to play and lots of places to buy cards or software that will make the cards for you. This is one of the more popular versions using gifts in the squares.


    Another version of the classic bridal shower bingo game many people have played. The gift version is very popular since it is so random and it gives your guests something to do while the bride opens her presents.

    Make a set of bingo cards with 25 empty spaces. Fill in the spaces with names of presents the bride may be getting instead of numbers (nightgown, blender, necklace, gift certificate, bubble bath, etc). You will need to make one bingo card for each guest playing, and make sure the gifts are randomly shuffled on each card. Many places have software you can use that will randomly create an unlimited number of bingo cards for you, so if you are not up to doing each one by hand, or you have more than a few guests, you many want to try that instead (see below).

    As the bride opens her presents the guests can tick off the present on their bingo cards if they have it. The guest who gets a complete line filled in and has bingo first, wins.

    Paid Version Option

    If you have too many guests to make your own cards, or no time, for a small fee you can use the online Bingo Card Generator to make personalized game cards right on your own printer. There is nothing to download, their site does all the work for you. Within minutes you will be printing out your cards, even if it’s 100. It’s a nice option for those without the time, or who are doing a last minute party and need them ready now. Click Here to Check out Wedding Gift Bingo Card Generator for yourself.