Bridal Shower Household Poem


  • Assortment of household supplies for the poem
  • This is a fun activity that gives the bride a gift that’s humourous and practical. This poem is not set in stone and you can always change it around to add your favorite products or well wishes. Be as creative as you would like, in the end it’s all good, clean fun!


    The bride is seated in front of the party so everyone can see her. A good time for this is right before the presents are to be opened and everyone is seated around her. She is then told that they have a poem for her that will be read by the hostess. The poem is written with a nice selection of brand name household products in it and while the poem is read, the bride opens the “gifts” that corresponds to the poem, revealing the brand names that fill in the blanks.

    There are two ways to present the gifts and read the poem. The first way is to type up the poem, substituting a number for each product name. Wrap each household product “gift” individually and number them to correspond with the order they appear in the bridal shower household poem. Have the hostess read the poem and when she gets to a number have the bride open that numbered gift, filling in the blanks of the poem.

    The other version is to have the household items unseen in a box to the side. While the hostess is reading the poem have her (or a helper) hand the bride the household products, one by one, when she gets to it in the poem. Make sure the timing is right on this so that the household items aren’t brought out before it’s read.

    Here are two versions of the poem to use, but you can change it to add or take out any products or well wishes you want to make it more personal.

    Bridal Shower Household Poem – Version 1

    Dear (Bride's Name),
    As you prepare for marriage, and are so filled with JOY, we wanted to let you in on a little SECRET. We know you think (Groom's Name) has a really CHARMIN personality, and in physique, might be BRAWNY, you may soon find out that he is no MR. CLEAN. There may be times when he makes you want to SHOUT, but don't send out the S.O.S. because he might VANISH. (Groom's name) will bring you CHEER and you will find him to be your white DOVE. He will always be there to SNUGGLE with, and be a best friend to fill your life with extra ZEST. When you are together you will find JOY, so remember your PLEDGE and give him your ALL. May your marriage be filled with a BOUNTY of love and stand HEAD & SHOULDERS above the rest.

    Bridal Shower Household Poem – Version 2

    Dear (Bride's name),
    You are entering a new ERA. Marriage can be an exciting ride, but that’s not to say it’s always a CINCH. (Groom's name) may expect you to be a DYNAMO in the kitchen and he might think all women should MOP & GLOW. There will be times when he even wakes you at DAWN just to CARESS. But before you go and DIAL your mother and SHOUT, remember that (Groom's name) thinks of you as his VENUS and you made a PLEDGE to him. Be GLAD for your blessings, and you two will have a FANTASTIK marriage!