Bridal Shower “Play Dumb” Charades


  • Name of a Movie to use
  • We’ve all played charades, but this is a bridal shower so of course it needs a twist! If your bride is a good sport this can end up being a hillarious game. Just make sure it will not embarass her too much as it is her day.


    This is a bridal shower prank that is a variation on traditional charades, but with a risque twist that will leave your guests laughing. Have the bride play first (don’t worry she will be the only player!) and assign her a movie. The idea of course is to assign her a “naughty” movie like Basic Instinct.

    Secretly let all the girls know that they are NOT supposed to get the movie right and to “play dumb.” When the bride starts enacting her movie instead of guessing correctly have your guests make suggestive remarks based on the bride’s actions and let the fun begin as the bride blushes!