Dress The “Bride”


  • At least 2-3 teams
  • 2 Rolls of Toilet paper per team
  • Each bride dreams of being dressed in white on her big day, but we are pretty sure this wasn’t the white they were thinking of. For a fun, and funny, game get your guests to say “Yes to the dress,” the “toilet paper dress” that is!


    You need at least 8-10 guests for this bridal shower game. The more the merrier. Divide the guests into teams of three or more and make as many teams as possible. Give each group 2 rolls of toilet paper. Instruct them to choose a “bride” from amongst their team and make her a bridal dress or wedding gown – using ONLY the toilet paper! Depending on the group you can make it a timed event (no more than 10 minutes), or just wait until each team is finished.

    After the “brides” are dressed let them model their gowns to the Wedding March so that the real bride can choose a winner. You will be surprised how interactive even the shyest of guests will be when they are trying to help their team make a better “dress” to win.