Happy Memories


  • Video camera (optional)
  • What would a bridal shower be without a few tears of emotion and happy sentiments? Whether it is the bride shedding a tear at all the love being showered upon her, or the bride’s mother at seeing her little girl all grown up. Here is an activity that tell the bride how special she is. Keep a box of tissues and some waterproof mascara handy since everyone will be dabbing their eyes.


    Get everyone to sit around in a circle so that they can all see each other and especially the bride. Then one at a time have each guest tell a cherished memory they have of times shared with the bride, or of the first time they met the bride and what they remembered about her. The memory must be special and unique. This is a really great way to make the bride feel extra special at her bridal shower. However, be prepared for some tears!

    This makes a great keepsake gift if you have someone video this or write down the memories. Your bride will cherish the special stories and memories from her friends and love ones for many years to come.