“Get Packing!” Honeymoon Packing Game

($$$) This is a FREE wedding shower game

When it’s time to pack for the honeymoon do you know what the bride will be bringing? A fun game filled with laughs, and sometimes, a few red faces! If her honeymoon is headed for the beach “a bathing suit” might be a perfect guess, but did anyone guess she would be bringing her ice skates for the indoor ice rink at the resort? What about the player who thinks she will be bringing her favorite long johns to sleep in on her honeymoon? This is a simple game that will give your guests lots of laughs… and some funny stories when the soon-to-be new Mrs. explains why she needs to bring last year’s Halloween costume, too!!


Print out a game sheet for each guest and the Bride-to-be and pass them out with pens or pencils. Have each player write down on the sheet the top 22 things they think the bride will be bringing with her on her honeymoon. Anything the player lists can be an answer, but the only correct answers are the ones that match the bride’s, so make sure she tells the truth!

Depending on the group you may want to make some guidelines for how naughty or clean the players should keep it. It’s all about the bride, so make sure she is comfortable with it before going too far or getting too personal with items.

When everyone is finished making their honeymoon packing list, have the bride read her answers to the party, with each guest self-checking their own game sheet. Make sure you have the bride explain what some of the more “interesting” things she will be packing are for, this almost always gets huge laughs, and a blushing bride! The player who matches the most answers correctly with the bride’s honeymoon packing list wins.

For more giggles, have your shower guests read some of their packing list items that the bride did not have listed, and for the more humorous items make sure they give an explanation why they thought she would need it on her honeymoon. You will be floored at some of the items your guests will list… explaining why she needs a bottle of honey and peanut butter is always a laugh.

Click here to print out the “Get Packing” Honeymoon Packing Checklist Game