1950′s “How To Be A Good Wife” Bridal Quiz

($$$) This is a PAID wedding shower game

Do you think you know what it takes to be a good wife? In the 1950′s they taught this very thing to right from a textbook. This is a hilarious look into the 1950′s woman who was taught right in high school, “How To Be A Good Wife”. Read the 1950′s textbook excerpt for a ton of laughter – then hand out a short quiz to see who was laughing, and who was paying attention! Great for multi-generational parties, and even funnier for co-ed showers.


Read the textbook sheet out loud to your guests, then hand out the quiz sheets. When everyone has finished the one with the most correct answers wins. For even more laughs, read the most humorous wrong answers, too!

Alternative Directions

Hand out the quiz first and have your guests fill in the blanks. When all your guests have finished answering the quiz read the 1950′s textbook sheet to your guests, this alone will make your guests roll with laughter, then go around the room for each question to see how each person answered compared to the “correct” 1950′s answers. For co-ed showers you might be surprised how many men answer correctly!

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