Ice Breaker “Wedding Guest Bingo”

($$$) This is a PAID wedding shower game

This is not your ordinary “Bingo” game, it’s much more. It’s a fun, get your guests talking, ice breaking, mingling, party starter. Ice Breaker Guest bingo is very engaging & easy to play… and will have 30 strangers chatting like best friends! This pay-to-print version shown here can be personalized just for you and your guests, you can even add your own square details. No matter how many guests you have, this bingo game will get your party on the right track fast!


In this game each “bingo card” contains “descriptions” of people instead of numbers; such as “Got married on the beach,” “Wore her mother’s wedding gown,” “Got lost on the way to the shower”. Print out one sheet for each guest and pass them out with a pen or pencil, then have the players mingle and try to match a square’s description with another party guest. When the player finds another guest that matches one of their descriptions, the guest initials the square and the player can move on.

Guests can initial any number of cards, but only one square per card, this keeps people from just finding one person who can initial their whole card for a win and gets them talking with many people. If needed for a small group you can allow a guest to initial 2 squares per card, otherwise getting bingo could be more difficult.

The first person to get a “bingo” (five in a row, up, down, or diagonal) wins!

It is a very simple to use online “pay-to-print” game that comes pre-filled with “descriptions” already (2000 card combinations), as well as the option to put your own “descriptions” into the squares. No matter how many you need, the generator will have you printing them in minutes. Nothing to do by hand, just let it know some details (number of cards you want, extra “descriptions” you’d like to add, the Bride’s name, or just a cute saying for the top) and the generator does it for you, ready to print out for your party.

This is a super fun game many of your guests will have never played before, and will probably want to play again!

Click Here to Print Your Own Personalized Wedding Guest Bingo Cards