Predict The Future Collage


  • Sheets of 11x14 Construction Paper
  • Assortment of magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue or paste
  • Scrapbook (optional)
  • This game can end up being very funny and lots of fun, too. Once your guests get their creative juices flowing some of them will surprise you!


    Divide the guests into 4 or 5 groups and give each group a 11 x 14 piece of construction paper, scissors, glue, and an assortment of magazines they can cut up (3-5 for each groups is good). Now assign a theme to each group on which they must create a collage. The themes should all be related to the bride’s life after marriage, such as “honeymoon”, “new home”, “children”, “romance after marriage” and “anniversary”.

    The groups must create a collage that depicts what they think the bride’s life will be like after marriage in relation to their theme. So one group can create a collage that depicts what they think the bride’s honeymoon will be like. They can cut out pictures and words and even make up a short story! Once everyone has completed their collages, take the papers and have the bride select the winner.

    You can collect the collages at the end and paste them into a scrapbook as a gift it to the bride. She will love the keepsake from her bridal shower and years later can look back and see how many of them really did predicted the future!