Printable “Newlywed Game” (Naughty & Nice)

($$$) This is a PAID wedding shower game

Put the Bride (and the Groom!) in the hot seat to find out if they REALLY know the person they are about to marry! It’s the perfect game for a couples shower, or to play with just the girls.

Two versions to choose from. The ‘Nice’ one, with questions like “What is the Groom’s favorite sport’s team?” and the other version is the ‘Naughty’ (Player Discretion Advised) version with questions like “Does the groom prefer boxers, briefs or none?” (perfect for a Bachelorette party!) Both question Variations available for both the Bride & the Groom.


Print out the version your would like to use, either for the Groom or the Bride to answer.
Since there are a couple of ways to play it works for most bridal shower situations.

Great to do during a bridal lunch, or when cake is served. Have the groom answer the questions before the party and have the Bride in the hot seat to see how many she matches with the groom. Or just fire away and ask the Bride the naughty or nice questions and get to know the Couple a bit better.

Full directions and game play options available on download.