Printable “Who Am I?” Famous Wives Game

($$$) This is a FREE wedding shower game

Creating a fun way for guests to mingle and get talking is one of the biggest things a hostess faces, this game takes care of all that for you. This is a great ice breaker game to play while guests are arriving or while you finish setting up.


Print out a set of ID cards with the names of famous wives on them and cut them apart. At the shower, as each guest arrives, tape one of the name cards on her back without letting her know who it is. Typically you would also include the name of the bride-to-be on one card, or even some bridesmaids. You can also add your own famous wives (you need enough for each guest), and we’ve included some blank cards for just this thing.

Your guests must then walk around the room asking other guests questions about the identity of the “wife” on their back, using yes or no questions only. Questions like “Am I living?”, “Am I a Singer?”, “Do I have Red Hair?”. The others can only reply with a simple yes or a no. The first person to guess who they are wins! Stop at the first winner, keep it going for multiple winners, or play it out until everyone guesses “Who Am I?”

This is a great way to get your guests talking and having fun right from the start. A super ice breaker game everyone can enjoy.

Click here to print out the “Who Am I?” Famous Wives Game Cards