Scrapbook of Memories


  • Scrapbook
  • Pens
  • Polaroid Camera (optional)
  • A scrapbook of your dearest friends is not only a great gift, but a wonderful way to remember the people who love you. It’s a perfect sentimental idea for your bridal shower.


    Put on the invitations, or contact your guests before the event, and ask that they each bring to the shower a picture of herself with the bride. Get an empty scrapbook and decorate the cover so that it reads something like “BRIDE’S NAME & Friends Forever”, or “With Love To BRIDE’S NAME”.

    When each guest comes, ask her to stick the photo in the scrapbook and write some fond memories that she has of times shared with the bride on that page. It makes a beautiful keepsake scrapbook for the bride.

    If possible, you can also try to arrange for a Polaroid camera so that guests who show up without a photo, or don’t have one with the bride can have one taken instantly. That way no one will feel left out.