Advice “On The Record”


  • Video Camera
  • In this day and age video is everywhere, so what better gift to give the bride-to-be then a heartfelt video of advice and wisdom from her friends and family. It will certainly be a keepsake she will keep forever.


    Set up a video camera in a spare room or corner of the party room. Ask each of the guests to sit in a pre-designated chair or spot and record a piece of advice for the bride. The personal video greeting from each guest will become one long piece of recorded advice from all her best girl friends for the bride to see whenever she wishes.

    It is best to set up a video camera with a remote control so the guests can simply record themselves on the tape. If you cannot manage that, designate someone to play the camerawoman for you. It is not a great idea for the hostess to play camerawoman, as she will already have loads of responsibilities.

    The videotape makes a great bridal shower gift from the hostess to the bride and will be something she will keep forever.