Wedding Night Survival Kit


  • A bag to hold all of the gifts
  • A card for all of the shower guests to sign
  • This unique bridal shower activity can be a lot of fun for the guests during the shower and if she gets the right gifts even more fun for the bride on her wedding night.


    When you send out your bridal shower invitations, tell the guests to bring a second gift for the bride to go in a wedding night survival kit. The idea is that these gifts should all be items the bride might need on her first night of marriage. They can be practical gifts like her favorite lotion or bottled water or gag gifts that can get as naughty as you like.

    The gifts can be wrapped but should not have a card, so the bride is never sure who brought which gift. That way the guests can give her something that might normally be a bit embarrassing without worrying about ever taking the blame(or perhaps credit) for the gift. Before the guests arrive put a bag or a pillow case in a room away from the shower activity where the guests can go add their gift to the survival kit in private. Once all gifts are in the kit, tie it off.

    Bring the survival kit to the wedding reception and as the newly married couple is leaving give the bride her kit with a card of well wishes signed by all of the guests from her bridal shower.